Welcome to 2315 Bar

Where the future of nightlife is brought to life before your eyes. Unlike any bar in Sydney – perhaps any bar in the world – 2315 fuses tech, art and style to create a destination for nightcrawlers seeking an edge on reality. Step into the year 2315, a world of luxurious indulgence where AI companions cater to your every need. But amidst this utopia, there’s a bar unlike any other, a sanctuary where individuality thrives, rebellion ignites, and reality is transformed. This is where boundaries fade and possibilities ignite, offering a nightlife experience that defies all expectations.


Friday 5pm-1am

Saturday 5pm-1am

Sunday 5pm-10pm


  • Capacity of 100 cocktail style
  • Full-service bar
  • Kitchen with curated event menus
Room Information:
– Atmospheric coloured lighting and modern eclectic decor are accompanied by an interactive AI art installation, neons, artwork, and themed cocktails to create a bar like no other in Sydney.
– Located on Level 3, upper level of Fortress Sydney, this fully private room includes an impressive huge bar, ample seating and tables, own music preference and options for entertainment. 
– Private viewing directly into the Alienware Arena when the Alienware Arena is also reserved for your booking.
– Capacity: 100 guests cocktail style


Fortress has everything you need to put the fun in function, with games, food and drinks for groups of two to 200.