Fortress House Cup Frequently Asked Questions


Game titles will change each season of Fortress House Cup.

For Season 2 the game titles feature Rocket League®, Tetris® Effect: Connected, Apex Legends™..

No, the Saturday Game Days can not be played online. All participants must be able to travel to Fortress Melbourne and play in person.

Online registration for each week of Fortress House Cup closes at 2:00 PM on the day of the event.

There is always a chance that there are additional spots or no-shows, so we encourage trying to register in person from 4:30 PM onwards if you missed out online.

Yes, all participants in Fortress House Cup must be 18 years and older.

Doors open at 4:00PM each game day. After you have registered, check your emails for information on check-in times.

Yes, all teams will need to check-in within the allotted check-in times, otherwise they will not be eligible to play. All players from a team need to be present to be able to check-in.

The check-in times are slightly different per game title, please check your confirmation email you received after registering to confirm your check in time.

You are welcome to bring your own controller if it has a USB connection.

No other peripherals are permitted to be brought in. Fortress Melbourne provides premium Alienware peripherals and Xbox controllers for use. These are all sanitised between each use.

You don’t need to own a copy of the game to participate. We have free Fortress accounts that you can use on the day.

For all game titles in season 2 participants can login to their own game account. On the Game Day, please come ready with your login details and a personal device to access your 2FA if the particular game requires that to login.

The map that is played in every match is pre-assigned for each round of the Qualifiers and Finals. Number of rounds in a Qualifier is subject to change based on the number of teams. Where there are less than four rounds in a qualifier, the maps assigned for each available round will start from Round 1.

Round 1 map: Party Crasher
Round 2 map: Overflow
Round 3 map: Encore

Map: Drop Off

Grand Final
Map 1: Habitat
Map 2: Phase Runner
Map 3: Party Crasher

Yes, every week will be streamed on the Fortress Melbourne Twitch from 5:00 PM.

The top 8 players/teams earn points for their House based on their placement in the tournament, with more points earned the further you progress in the tournament.

Points up for grabs each game day are:
1st: 1000
2nd: 700
3rd-4th: 500
5th-8th: 250
9-16th: 50

If the game is a team based game you will need to arrange a team to play with.
When registering you are required to provide details for your teammates at that point in time.

If you are looking for a teammate join our Discord and post in the #Fortress-House-Cup channel.

Fortress Melbourne will transfer the prize pool to the Team Captain’s bank details provided. It is then the responsibility of the Team Captain to divide the prize pool among their team members.

The weekly prize pool is $1500 and is distributed as below:

1st place: $700
2nd place: $400
3rd place: $200
4th place: $200
Alienware MVP wins:

Alienware Low Profile RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | AW510K

Alienware RGB Gaming Mouse | AW510M

Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset | AW510H


Telstra Play of the Day wins:

200K Telstra Plus Bonus Points Prize Package


FHC Jester wins:

Jester Baseball Cap

$20 Fortress Voucher

Fortress Melbourne 2 Hour PC Pass


It won’t cost you anything! All tickets are FREE to participate.

You can register for a game day here.

You book for your entire team. For example, if you are booking for a team game (Apex Legends or Rocket League) you will need to fill out the information for your teammates as well. They will then be emailed their ticket to use for on-day check-in.

If you are booking a solo game (Tetris Effect: Connected) then you are only booking your own ticket.

There is still a chance there will be available spots to play on the day.

If you arrive at Fortress Melbourne from 4:30PM onwards chat with our Check-In staff in the Alienware Arena to confirm if a space is available.


Please email or post in the #fortress-house-cup channel in the Fortress Melbourne Discord.