Dungeons & Flagons


Your home for weekly Dungeons & Dragons at Fortress!

Spend a night immersed in a self-contained 3-hour session, or dig into a 4-week-long shared story between your group and your DM!

New to D&D? No worries!
Our one-shot sessions have dedicated beginner and intermediate tables – perfect for your first session or your fiftieth!

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  • A $30 One-shot Ticket Includes:
  • 3 Hour Guided D&D Adventure
  • Beginner & Intermediate Tables
  • Expert Dungeon Masters
  • Pre-Made Characters
  • Every Sunday at 1PM & 5PM

Perfect for beginners!


  • A $130 Campaign Pass Includes:
  • Four D&D 5e Campaign Sessions
  • Create Your Own LVL 5 Character
  • Dedicated Expert Dungeon Master
  • + Fortress RPG Dice Set
  • Weekly on Thursday Nights

Keen for an ongoing adventure?


Not at all! You don’t need to be a gifted voice actor, seasoned player, or all-star improviser to roleplay.

There’s no “right” way to play D&D, so you can chose how much (or how little) you want to embody your character.

At it’s core, D&D is a group storytelling exercise. Our sessions encourage you to roleplay at your own pace, with guidance from our expert Dungeon Masters! 

We’ve partnered with Masters of Alchemy in Melbourne and Awakened Fables in Sydney and to bring you the best D&D experience possible.

Our single-session quests are perfect if you’re new to the world of tabletop roleplaying or are just looking for a fun evening of entertainment. On the day, your Dungeon Master (or ‘DM’), will act as the narrator and tell the story – similar to a “choose-your-own-adventure” book. Your expert DM helps you learn as you go and focus on the exploration and adventure, without needing to memorise any rulebooks.

Our campaign adventures are 4-week-long ongoing stories told with a consistent DM and group of players. Get the full D&D experience – hand craft your character and tell their tale throughout the course of multi-session campaign. Gather with your adventuring party every Thursday at 6:30PM for a 3 hour session progressing the epic saga of your heroes!

In the interest of fairness, time and ease of explanation, all characters are prepared and ready ahead of time, external character sheets are not be allowed.

For one-shot sessions:
Choose from an assortment of character builds ready to play, using the classes from the 5th Edition D&D Player’s Handbook. Outside of in-game mechanics, you can customise your character to your hearts content!

Beginner tables are played at level 2, to keep each character easy to teach. Intermediate tables are played at level 5, to give you a more in-depth feel of your character class, without slowing down the game.

For campaign sessions:
Your first session will feature an additional hour to create your fully custom character from scratch with guidance from your Dungeon Master! While you can’t bring a character sheet in with you, there’s nothing wrong with having a character concept in mind ahead of time!

Not a thing! Just bring yourself and everything you need to play will be supplied!

Feel free to bring your own dice or minis if you want to! But be sure to ask your Dungeon Master on the day, as every DM runs their game differently!

By default, tickets purchased in a single transaction will be seated at the same table.

If you and your friends purchased tickets separately, please contact us and request to be seated together!

Note: Tables have a maximum of capacity of 6. Table groupings cannot be changed on the day.

As per our Minor’s Policy, Under 18s are not allowed in the venue past 8PM.

Due to the session timings, minors are only allowed to attend sessions that end before this time.

Sunday 1PM Session: Minors recommended.

Sunday 5PM Session: Minors not recommended as session may be cut short.

Thursday Campaign Sessions: Minors not allowed.

Tickets for both One-Shots and Campaigns are non-refundable.

Due to locking in the correct number of Dungeons Masters and ensuring they are appropriately paid for their services, we require finalised numbers for each session.

For campaign sessions:
Your table’s session will continue as usual without your attendance, however, your character will remain with the party, ready for you to jump back in the next week! Please note; we are unable to offer a reschedule or refund for any missed sessions.