Gamer in your life? Secure their best present yet – food, drinks, games and prizes at The Home of Games. They can choose they own adventure, from winning plushies in the Arcade, to taking down opponents on PC, console or board games.


Fortress Gift Cards expire on the date marked on physical cards or communicated dates on digital vouchers. They expire 3 years after the date of issue.

Once a gift card has been created, we are unable to ‘top-up’ or refill the value for that specific card.

Unfortunately, not at the moment. We are working on offering online gift card purchases in the near future. For now, all gift card purchases must be made in-venue.

To confirm the value remaining on your gift card, speak to our friendly staff in venue, or contact us!

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Fortress Entertainment Gift Cards (Gift Card) entitle the holder to goods/services equal to the value stated on the Gift Card or remaining after partial redemption.
  2. A Gift Card is only valid in Australia at participating venues.
  3. A Gift Card can be redeemed on food and beverages, merchandise, apparel, PC passes, board game hire, VIP Booths, and Tavern Trivia, by purchasing these over the phone or in-venue at Fortress. Excludes all other event tickets, tournament entry, arcade, and sales functions.
  4. A Gift Card is redeemable at participating Fortress venues.
  5. A Gift Card is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. No change will be given. A Gift Card can be redeemed in whole or for part of a payment. Unredeemed values will remain on the Gift Card. A Gift Card should be treated like cash.
  6. The value shown on a Gift Card includes GST.
  7. If the Gift Card holder’s order exceeds the amount of the Gift Card, the Gift Cardholder will be required to pay for the difference in price between the value of the Gift Card and the retail price of the goods or services.
  8. A Gift Card must be used before the expiry date marked on the physical card or communicated in the digital voucher. Gift cards expire 3 years from the issue date.
  9. Please check your balance in-venue or contact us via
  10. Fortress is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Gift Cards.
  11. GST and merchant fees will not apply to the sale of an e-gift card, specifically the face value/loaded amount.
  12. Once the Gift Card has been fully redeemed it cannot be reused.
  13. A Gift Card can be used in conjunction with another form of payment such as EFTPOS (in-venue only) or credit card to make up the full value of the purchase.
  14. A Gift Card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.
  15. Fortress reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Gift Card at any time and to take appropriate actions, including the cancellation of a Gift Card if, at its discretion, it deems such action necessary.
  16. Neither Fortress, nor the provider of the data, represents or guarantees, or accepts any liability whatsoever in respect of, the accuracy, currency or completeness of the Gift Card information. Fortress Entertainment does not accept any liability for any delays, interruptions, errors, or omissions, however occurring (including as a result of negligence) in the collecting, recording, processing, storing or dissemination of this information.