PC Gaming

WELCOME TO YOUR DREAM gameplay experience

Play uninterrupted in the Telstra Lounge, thanks to Telstra’s high-speed fixed network.

Enjoy high-end Alienware hardware, access to Xbox controllers and open access to a huge games library, including Valorant, Fall Guys, League of Legends, Fortnite, & loads more.

Carrying the team can be thirsty work but with our at-the-table ordering, you can enjoy drinks and food delivered to you mid-game, so the session doesn’t end until you want it to.

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Win Valorant matches in the Telstra Lounge to automatically score points.
Top the leaderboard for that month and take home massive prizes, thanks to Telstra!


Xbox Series X

PC specs may vary depending on location. See below for details.

Introducing our new off-peak specials for pc gaming at fortress!

From Monday to Thursday, make the most of huge deals including drink bundles, all day passes, and bulk pricing as low as $5 per hour.


4 HRs PC play + Red Bull


6 HRs PC play

We have hundreds of Alienware PCs across our venues at Fortress! Because of that, there is few different PC configurations that you may be playing on;

Sydney PC Pass
Alienware Aurora R15
– Intel i9 13900KF CPU
– RTX 3080 GPU
– 32 GB RAM
– 27″ Full HD 240hz Monitor

Melbourne PC Pass
Alienware Aurora R9
– Intel i7 9700K CPU
– RTX 2070 GPU
– 16 GB RAM
– 27″ Full HD 240hz Monitor

You have the option to log in to your own accounts to access your full PC game library from home. While many of your favourite PC games will be already installed, thanks to Telstra’s high-speed fixed network, you can download your own titles at lightning fast speed.

You also have access to the full Fortress PC game library!

Melbourne PC Game Library

Sydney PC Game Library

Browse through hundreds of top PC titles pre-installed on your PC and ready to play using our guest accounts!

Nah, no way. Our PCs automatically reset after every session to the same fresh state you started your session with.

This means that after every log out, the PC doesn’t just delete all the files you saved, it’s completely reset back to a safe neutral ‘image’ we’ve created.

As a result, any files you saved, changes you made, and especially accounts you logged in to, are impossible to access once you finish your session, because they no longer exist!

No, Alienware has provided top-tier peripherals for everyone to use! We also clean and sanitise everything between every use! If you don’t wanna play with a keyboard and mouse we also have XBOX controllers you can use if that’s more your style! 

As you enter the Telstra Lounge, you may have noticed the on-screen leaderboard showing various players names and scores – this is the Telstra Leaderboard Challenge! Thanks to Telstra, you can win awesome prizes every month just for playing games!

By playing Valorant in the unrated or competitive game modes while in the Telstra Lounge, you’ll automatically be granted a point for each win and put onto the leaderboard and into the running for that month’s prize.


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