Mana on Tap: Magic the Gathering

Join us every Friday from 6pm to 11pm to meet new friends, learn to play or flex your deck!


This is a community focussed event that invites MtG players of all skill levels to come play! Whether you’re looking to get started, a TCG veteran or just someone looking to make new friends, Mana on Tap has something for everyone! Come grab a bite to eat and a drink while you play at our Arena bar!


Got curious and just bought your first cards? Have you been dying to learn to play? Do you like collecting pretty cards? Rent a starter deck at Fortress, and learn with friends. Our hosts will also help give you a crash course in the basics of Magic: The Gathering!


The perfect place to test the strength of your deck against other players. Connect with new friends and dive into multiplayer games with fellow fanatics.


Outside of the obvious benefits like stellar lighting, ample space and on-tap beverages, there is a real focus on building a community and welcoming players of all skill levels to join in the fun and experience the magic of Magic! We want people to leave the event happier than when they arrived, having made new friends. 

Join us every Friday from 6 pm to 11 pm.

We welcome all skill types and game modes! All formats are not just welcome but celebrated – whether you’re a Pauper prodigy, Modern maven or a Standard savant, there’s a seat at the table for every Magic enthusiast.

While we don't sell Magic: The Gathering cards, we do allow you to rent out some of our decks to practice and learn, and you can definitely bring your own! Some of our experienced players may even enjoy sharing their decks with you on the night, allowing you to try tons of different strategies!

Of course! Come on in any day to play Magic in our Tavern. While Fridays are the day we host this event for the community, you can always come in with your friends on another day! This event is a great way to meet new people so, if you can make it one week but not the next, you might not be the only one. You can always try to form a group on a day that works for you.

That's fine too, so long as everyone at the table is on board for a cEDH or other competitive format game. Otherwise, our hope is this event introduces both new and old players to folk of all different skill levels. The most important thing is to have fun! Experienced players should be able to gauge this and our hosts will make sure no one is coming in to take advantage of the wide variety of deck strengths that will be used by players at the event.

Between the other players and our event hosts, we’ll make sure everyone has a place on the night. We highly recommend pregame chats and socialising to find the right kind of people you want to play against this week. If you’re a veteran player with plenty of decks, have a go at moving between tables to meet more people. You might even be able to teach your favourite strategy to a new player looking to find their niche. Boom, friendship!