Everyone’s favourite board game night has levelled up!  Walk-in to play for free or book to meet new people and learn new games!  

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Ticket sales end Friday prior to the Sunday Sessions


  • Keen to meet new people, find a group to play with, or just want to share your love of board games?

    Grab a ticket to our weekly social board game night and enjoy a night of games with a community of like-minded people!
  • Tickets include a free drink
Melbourne only


  • All day on Wednesdays, enjoy free hire from our extensive board game library!

    From UNO and Exploding Kittens to CATAN and Secret Hitler, we have something for all skill levels.


Absolutely! You can check out our list of board games available here to see if we have what you’re after, and if not, bring your own along! Boardgame Wednesday Social is also the perfect event to teach new players your favourite game and make some friends along the way!

Due to the nature of the booking platform that we use, changes need to be finalized ahead of time.

Additionally, we are unable to offer refunds for ticketed events.

Yes! Boardgame Wednesday Social is a chance for you to come solo or with a group. You can hang out together, or make new friends and we welcome you to come along and explore the event!

Minors are not allowed in the venue past 8:00pm. Due to this, the event itself is strictly 18+.

Great question! Prior to the event start time you will check in with our staff in the venue, who will ensure you have purchased a ticket on the Eventbrite. There are nametags where you can include your pronouns and an icebreaker activity where you can get to know some of your fellow board gaming enthusiasts before breaking off to play some games.

Throughout the night, games and groups may shift and change, so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your lovely host who can assist you and will make sure everyone has a great time!