Cosplay Weapons Policy

  1. No functional props or weapons are allowed at Fortress. Live firearms (including airsoft types) functioning or decommissioned are not permitted.
  2. Replica firearms, metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber are not permitted. All firearm weapons and props are to be rendered inoperable and are required to have an orange safety tip at all times.
  3. Nerf weapons must be inoperable & must not fire any form of projectile.
  4. String-operated props and weapons must be unstrung or strung with low-tensile thread.
  5. Arrows must be soft blunted tips. Made of foam & cardboard only.
  6. Metal swords, knives, spears & bladed weapons are not permitted. Likewise, any sharp implements (eg, needles, glass shards, syringes, etc.) are not permitted.
  7. Stilted costumes may be prohibited in certain areas of Fortress, in particular areas such as the Tavern & the LAN Lounge where ceiling clearance is too low.
  8. All props must be checked & Peace Bonded by Fortress Handlers.
  • Peace bonding is the inspection of Cosplay weapons & props & the indication to all staff that the prop meets all the above requirements. A zip tie will be attached to the prop in the least intrusive way but in a manner that is notable to staff.