KLASK 4 se magnets to push a ball into the goal, but beware of falling in yourself! ​ KLASK 4 features the gameplay of KLASK, but within a round playing area with four goals so that four players can compete at the same time. SUB CATEGORY FAMILY / PARTY / ACTION / DEXTERITY MIN /… Continue reading KLASK 4


KLASK SUB CATEGORY FAMILY / Party / Action / DExterity​ MIN / MAX PLAYERS 2 – 2​ Playtime 10 minutes​ AGES 8 +​ skill level 1.1 / 5 Use magnets to push a ball into the goal, but beware of falling in yourself! ​ The KLASK game board is shaped like a ball field with… Continue reading KLASK


JENGA SUB CATEGORY PARTY / ACTION / DEXTERITY​ MIN / MAX PLAYERS 2 – 6​ Playtime 20 minutes​ AGES 6 +​ skill level 1.1 / 5​ How high can you go before your tower comes crashing down!?​ A tower building game. Jenga is played with 54 wooden blocks; each block is 3 times as long… Continue reading JENGA


DROP IT Drop geometric shapes in your color to score the most physics-defying points.​ Circles, triangles, squares and diamonds: Drop It is about letting go, with the pieces you drop landing somewhere in the vertical game board, ideally where they’ll score the most points, but the tiles bounce around and don’t always land where you… Continue reading DROP IT


BONK description BONK is a fast-rolling ricochet game that’s ideally played with four players. Your goal? Roll steel balls down your slide in order to knock the wooden ball in the central arena into your opponents’ goal. Players compete in teams of two, with each team trying to protect one goal between them. (If you… Continue reading BONK